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Kids listen to Internet & Broadcast radio...

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I'm not surprised about this conclusion

Younger people and teens always have a taste to specific music genres

An iPod give them this opportunity, because it contains most of all music of their choice

Many internet radio streams do about the same, they stream 1 particular genre : example Rock only, RnB only etc etc

its also a fact that audiostreams who are playing one genre (80s or jazz etc etc) do have very high ratings of listeners


I guess if a study should be made about the age group 50+ it should give about the same results, concerning the choice of one genre format stations

The older people go back to the music (memories, "their" time etc) of the time they're the young generation

The group of adults between 25 and 45 can be seen as a kind of swingers, they do search for and do wanna discover different formats


It has an important audience worldwide


A golden rule into Marketing is : selling starts at the bottom, if young people do like a product, their parents are pointed by them to buy it

So thats good news for everyone who's into broadcasting and who offers a format to the youth = it makes selling the product !

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