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NEED Voiceover Name Intro


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Last semester I really wanted a voiceover for my music show that when a song ended, it could say my name "Adam McLaughlin" and then I'd come back LIVE on the air. But I don't quite have the editing talents yet to create one. I don't know how.


I was wondering if someone was willing to create a quick one for me just saying my name. If you listen to music radio shows, you should know what I mean.


I'll keep my eyes out on this forum! Thanks soooo much! You can email or post here.


Name: Adam McLaughlin

Radio Station: KLPR (91.3 FM)

Kearney, Nebraska


email: mclaughlinaj@unk.edu

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You just showed up, we don't know you and you haven't contributed to the forum at all. Why not post an introduction in the intro section and tell us a little about yourself. Also, post around the forums a bit...give us a reason to want to give back to you :)


Please read the rules too, as this all is clearly stated. We are professionals and we don't do freebies for just anyone who shows up.


Hope to see you around the forum! :)




Jon Bova


"Successful people have libraries. The rest have big screen TVs. - Jim Rohn"

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I forgot about my post here! Sorry guys. Been awhile.


Anyways, this semester I was an afternoon DJ on Tuesday's from 3-5 for my radio production class. The station is 91.3 FM, and we are so open on music that we can play anything. In all honesty, I used a program called "Grooveshark" for my music. You just search a song and play, it's brilliant.


All I really wanted was someone to voice over for my name. It's better when you hear someone else say your name. I happened to have a local DJ make me a few. She works at the local country station, and came up with these for me (below). I used them quite a bit, fading from song to song. But she only made me 2. I wish I had like 10 of them, haha. I love them. Check them out. Maybe you guys can help me out for next semester, now that school is about out and the station is on "summer leave."


91.3 KLPR


Liner 1

Liner 1


Also, I happened to try recording a radio commercial a few weeks ago for a local website hosting/design business. It went successful. I posted that ad too. Tell me what you think.


Radio ad


My personal website/blog is audioadam.com. I used to be VERY active last year when I first created it. I'm passionate in sports, so I would write on the "hot" news. I even did a weekly podcast. But when I got very busy with school in December, I just couldn't find time anymore. Go ahead and check those out if you want.

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