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Mo - Channel 4


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Anybody else watch this last night? Channel 4 (UK) 9pm, the story of Mo Molem starring Julie Walters?


One of the finest dramas I have ever had the pleasure of watching. I am not a Julie Walters fan as a rule, nothing I dislike about her but just never struck me as a great actress. Wow, that changed last night!


I will be genuinely amazed if Ms Walters doesn't pick up an award for that part. At times it was hard to remember it was a drama and not actually Mo herself.


For our overseas members, Mo Molem was a highly influential and extraordinary talented polotician universally liked and admired for her unique and highly successful way of getting things just done. She died from cancer aged 55.


Julie Walters brought something very special indeed to my television last night. Ok, so there were many wonderful supporting actors in it as well and obviously superb writing and directing, but Julie made that her own.


I cannot print my favourite line from the drama, but for those that saw it it was when she confronted Peter Mandelson, MP and simply called him what we all think he is anyway, 'a devious C**t.


Fantastic. I didn't know Mo spoke in that way, but that just made me more fond of her.


A wonderful woman played by another wonderful woman. Great viewing.:thumbup:

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