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Shure Sm7b


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I have used the SHURE SM7B a lot in my career, both in radio and in voice over work. I recently purchased one to add to my voice over recording set up, as all 5 other SM7B's are set up at my colleagues studio (which I work at). I just want to see what everyone thinks of the SM7B. I am waiting for UPS to make my delivery (delayed, because of the blizzard), and I am currently without a preamp. I've never used a SM7B with my current set up, I'm hoping I have enough gain on my mixer's built in preamp! What do you guys think?


When I receive it, I am going to record RAW samples using my SM7B and my other mics, just to share with you the difference and how amazing the SM7B truly is.



Jon Bova


"Successful people have libraries. The rest have big screen TVs. - Jim Rohn"

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I don't have any experience with SM7B. I still have heard it's quality in some recordings and I think it sounds pretty good. It needs very good preamp which can provide lot of gain. Depends on the mixer how much gain it provides, but the quality of the sound isn't the best with mixer preamps. External preamp is a must for Shure. Would be nice to hear the comparison. :) I have been thinking about to buy it too in the future.




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