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Fps Radio Seeks Talented Staff To Better Our Community

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Here at FPS-Radio, we are always trying to make sure that we bring out the best in our DJs and the best in our listeners. And in the past, we really haven't followed this motto. DJs and Shows have come and gone. Listeners have come and gone. But FPS-Radio has always been here. Since we are still specializing in anything that deals with gaming, music, videos, et cetera, we are going into a new direction.


We are going to be doing more podcasting, as well as live shows. We have new sponsors on board, and we have new commitments that we have to follow. We're not trying to redefine the box by what we are doing, but we are trying to retread the tires. We will be doing more match castings as Global Amateur Competitive Gaming League and several other leagues come on board. We will be having discussions about movies, video editting, and others items dealing with the movie industry. We will be bringing you a wider variety of music.


Of course with all these changes, we are looking for new members to build the community. If you feel that this might be an opportunity that you just can't miss, then let us know. We are always looking for new talent, new shows, new casters. We will gladly give anyone a try, as long as they are professional about it. If you have any question or are interested in an interview please email Carl Gosline (The Artful Dodger) at media@fps-radio.com with times that you are avalible to talk.



Carl Gosline

Director of Media

FPS Radio




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