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Hi Guys,


I currently have a basic stream, using ustream.tv without video LINKhttp://www.listenupsa.com


I have a huge amount of music mixes from DJ's that I play all day everyday...we only started streaming recently and its been succesful so we want to continue.


I am looking for a web based application that will play my files preferably off a central server so I dont have to run a dedicated PC at home which I currently do - uses bandwidth and electricity!


I came across 2 services that could do this for me:


1. http://www.radionomy.com

2. http://www.krykey.com


Now unfortunately radionomy is currently not open to the public which rules that out for the moment.


Krykey has a 12mb upload limit but a lot of potential!


Do you guys know of any other services that would suite my needs?


If I could upload all my files to a central server and play them from there thats first prize...also linking to MP3 files on my server would be even better and mean that I dont have to host on 2 different servers..


I am currently using wordpress on my website if you were wondering.


If anyone could help I would appreciate it!




Mattinsa :thumbup:

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Your looking for an automation from a remote server.


I have good news, if these were your first choices, You will be impressed with what you find out there, because both these sites SUCK in my eyes for using them for that purpose.


Look in the automations thread. Actually, I will message you.

KNSJ.org / 89.1 FM San Diego
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There are several hosts here that do automation streaming. Take a look:


KWDServices has a great system and it is very friendly, so does ShoutAutomation.


Take a look here for some great other hosts: http://www.broadcastingworld.net/reviews/hosts/

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