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SAM Broadcaster Question


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I am the tech guy for a friend's Intenet station. I'm a professional Broadcast Engineer and am used to what I consider "real" automation systems, and frankly, SAM at times perplexes me. I've been reading the info posted here on PAL scripts, and I have 2 questions:


-> does anyone have a good reference for PAL scripting so I can learn more about it.


-> My friend's station is tightly formatted. Everything in SAM comes off playlist - there are specific categories of songs that must come up in a certain order, and certain formatic elements that must come in certain places - all of this is done though the music scheduling software. In broadcast, it is common to "overprogram" a music station such that, depending on voice track length, the hour will not be short. Most pro systems allow a method by which the automation will finish playing a song up to and through the top of the hour, then skip over, say, 2 songs and hit the top of the next hour. Is it possible for SAM to become "aware" of the top of the hour and locate a flag placed in the playlist to mark the top of the next hour? Doing this would be a big help.




Tom Ray

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Hi Tomray,

I'm using this script and a hourly playlist, this script clears the current list and picks up the playlist of the next hour on top of the hour.


Just change the extention from txt to pal and you can use it

O ye don't fotget to change the place where you have saved your playlists



I hope it helps a little bit.



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Thanks - but this will load a completely different playlist each hour. We're working off a 24 hour list generated by a music scheduling program. I'm looking to flag the top hour in the generated music log (possibly a simple text based comment placed in the log) and being able to line up the log to play the next event (top hour ID) when the clock hits a specific time - say :58 minutes past the hour.



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i need some help. can i still having a SCRIPT PAL to run and schedule for 24 or more? I have installed sambroadcaster witout SQL. I need a pal can hell me to play 24 hours music and rotate music meaning chouse diferent folders as well.

I dont understant a clockwheel ? how to setup and buil a pal. I also how this work, weight? i new on this thanks for your help.

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