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FPS Radio Needs some help


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I'm the media director over at FPS radio and we are in need of a few free bits from anyone willing ot help us out. We are new and upcoming station and hope to have paid sponsors here soon. Please everyone do different versions of these id's Anyone willing to make donations to our paypal the link is avalible on our site http://fps-radio.com and donations will help us get started. Thanks



Carl Gosline

Media Director FPS Radio


Station id #1

"FPS Radio starts another 30 min power play. Thirty mins not stop music starting now.."


(Any fx or bits can be used in those the more varity of style the better we will be.)


Station ID #2

"YOur listening to FPS Radio home of the Global Amatuer Competive Gaming League. Visit us on the web at GAGCL.com


Read each Letter separately. G A G C L DOT COM

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I think you must have balls of steel bleslie!


Your posts are more or less entirely 'give me something'. You have been a member here for nearly 18 months and in that time you have posted a whole 20 times, most of which as said have been requests for a freebie.


I did you a really good free jingle when you first started and you didn't even have the manners to say fecking thanks!


Go and hire yourself a fecking voiceover you wanker. No wonder decent VO's are leaving this site - they are fed up with scrounging tossers like you.:mad:

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You're asking for free voiceovers...


Paypal donations? :blink:


No offence meant, but if you want people to help you (by doing Voiceover requests) you should really contribute more to BroadcastingWorld.


BroadcastingWorld isn't here just so people can get free Voiceovers, it's here to build a community and help people get into the world of radio.


Try contributing more outside of the Imaging section of BW and you will get a response.





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