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Piccadilly Radio (1975)

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OK step back in time who remembers Piccadilly Radio now called key 103 ??

here are some jingles they used to play back in 1975 enjoy :)

Well Cannonradio might have gone, but he brought back memories of the first UK commercial station I ever heard as a kid back in 1974. Incidentally I notice the file credits EMISON as the jingle producers. These were actually by John Cameron Prods. Cameron was the guy behind CCS who did the old TOTP theme version of "Whole Lotta Love" and the early 70s hit "Tap Turns On The Water".... which is probably why the Piccadilly theme sound like Tap Turns On The Water !:clown:


Great station, though. They occupied the first floor of a shopping complex back then and had 20 foot photos of the jocks in each window. Rumour has it that one jock found out he was sacked when he saw his giant photo being taken down from the window.


Some big names came out of there as Finn says. Pete and Geoff, Chris Evans, Gary Davies, Andy Peebles and a guy called Umberto !


For those who don't know this, any sad nostalgic radio anorak can be totally excused if they use the little know html tags and .... so there !

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