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Dutch hitradio 'innovations'

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Just read it yesterday, news about a dutch radiostation ;


Dutch radiostation Slam FM is starting of with a new concept : Every day every hour between 9am and 5pm they will start each hour with 30 minutes non-stop music. The first half of each hour will not be interupted by commercials or DJ's. Slam FM's General Manager Jacqueline Bierhorst says "With this new move Slam FM will offer their listeners more music, without cr*ppy b*llsh*t by DJ's, or annoying commercials"


So basically, every hour it's the first half hour non-stop, and in the second half of the hour the DJ is there, and the commercials are there.


Now first of all, can somebody please tell me what this woman was smokin while she made this idea up? And can i have some of that? It must be great stuff :retard:


But seriously... basically the general manager says that her DJ's are just talking cr*p... am i wrong for thinking that you might want to improve that? If you really think your dj's aren't making much sense on the air, go train them, replace them, i don't care, but do something about it !


Second of all, she is calling her customers (which are in this case the advertisers) people who are annoying. I tell you this, if I was one of those advertisers i would call the station immediately to end the contract... "Well hey, if you think i annoy your listeners then just quit it.. guess from your point of view we're both better of in that case".


So, tell me your thoughts on this one :)

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That is a rather strange idea, as you said Aeolus she is saying the DJ's and her advertisers are annoying. Oops theres goes income ... I am sure some advertisers pulled their ad's after that comment.

Also music only in the first half hour, whats in the next half hour? Only Commercials.


So people will tune in for a half hour then change the station for the next half hour. I don't see this station staying in operation for very long if they do this. Ad's rates will need to double, not sure what will happen to the DJ's.

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How do you address the adverts on campaigns in this manor?


"Ok sir, Im now going to run a campaign that the listeners know when to anticipate your commercial. Yes sir..... Oh we cant run ads on the corner, try at our 45 minute mark or top of the hour. Yes sir, the bottom of the hour is reserved for DJ's.

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Not really all that innovative. A local station here has "55 Minutes Commercial Free Every Hour". They do it every hour that isn't Morning Show or Weekend Syndicated, and the commercial break is from 40 - 45.


All you have to do is cut the DJ who does the "That was _______ This is ______" liner 4 times an hour, and Voila.



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