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Hello from Canada


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Hi there. Happy to have found these forums, great reading. Thanks for the sharing folks.

I fired up Sam broadcaster, well yesterday, and its running pretty well. No support tickets lol. I look forward to reading and learning more about broadcasting.

My gig? I love live music. Been broadcasting different acts live for a few years. Thought it might make for good radio. So, our co-op collected up all our original recordings for airplay, and break it up frequently in the week with live broadcasts from Alaska to the Netherlands. Aussies soon too. We'll add more and more live bands and performers as time goes on. We hope to gain more exposure for independent musicians, as well as bring creatives from all medium, in proximity, for chemistry and collaboration. If you visit our humble website, we sure would like to hear your comments.

Again, thank you for the infos, and we'll see you in the forums

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