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VO's for Leafpile Radio!!!!!

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:D I missed all my BW Buddies!!!! But I come to you in a time of need! I just found a new venture for Leafpile Radio, and put the whole of Leafpile Broadcasting into Second Life. Now I need liners for it. Here are a few scripts of what I would like done, but I trust you guys to make it sound amazing!


Liner 1:


Broadcasting Live from Serena Atmosphere, Leafpile Radio Second Life is now on the air. Hit up our group or come on down and get your requests in to one of our Live DJ's. We are, Leafpile Radio Second Life, bringing real radio to a not so real world.


Liner 2:


The Hottest music, The Hottest DJ's, and dare we say, The Hottest Women! It's Leafpile Radio Second Life, coming to you from Serena Atmosphere. We're pumpin out the jams and fuelin the fire with the hottest hits!

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James!!! I LOVE YOU!


Hey there!


Ah awesome. So you will be able to use them?


Are you going to do any production on them or just play out the dry? I'd love to hear any production you do. :)



Ah just saw your rep comment! Thanks so much for that - much appreciated and I'm really looking forward to hear what you do with them.

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Production my friend. Gotta splice and dice. It's like getting a new dead body in a morgue, Gotta splice it open, cut it up, and put it all back together in a new, totally kick ass way.


That sounds awesome to me! My fav part of all this is getting back a kick ass production - it totally brings it to life..


If you need anything else at all or additional takes / variations etc, let me know.

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