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Where have I been...? New Show, Station

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I haven't been around lately.


There's been a bunch going on with me recently. I've been trying to build a new syndicated show, as well as change my station format AGAIN (mainly because of the new syndicated show).


With that and trying to graduate early, I've hadn't any time to come on here.


I am back, and wanted to let you know about the new sound of RadioKick.com. It's somewhere between Adult Contemporary and Top 40, with the "2000s and Today!"


Check it out sometime, http://www.radiokick.com/

It makes use of the Latest and Greatest in webcast technology (just check out the custom flash player playing AAC+ and see for yourself).


Anywho, Im posting here because I want your input...on EVERYTHING.


How does the station audio processing sound? Automation? Website looks? The Custom Player?


Thanks for the input,

Curtis Machek.

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