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Runaway PAL Scripts


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I have been using the 2nd script example on page 2 of the "Setup & PAL scripts library" here. It works great, save for the fact that it doesn't stop after the end time. Rather, it fades to Promos ALL(instead of Music All), then reloads multiple instances of the url in the cue again (starting itself up again?), and does it's cycling to find the (now dormant) stream. Any ideas please?

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We went through 110 live acts last weekend. During this time it came clear that, the scripts see the start and finish times, they just don't heed them at all. Also clear I'm too old anymore to stay up all weekend. Might someone offer some assistance on this script please
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Hi Reslez,

Sorry for the late reply ... but I was moving ... and that took more time than sheduled.

I guess you are talking about "PAL for load http source : " ?


Into the explanation beneath of the PAL you can read that the script (the second one) is adding untill "20 times" the URL - this amount can be put to a lesser amount if needed.

This is a safety setting for reason if the source of the IP Port would get disconnected

If you are sure of a 100% connection please review this part :

T := 0;

while T



CAT['Music (All)'].QueueBottom(smLRP,EnforceRules);

T := T + 1;



{Wait for show to end}

and change 20 into at least 1


On the other hand you can activate the same command by using your event sheduler.

In fact once you use the Event Sheduler you gonna like it more than using PAL over and over again


Again, sorry for this late reply, but I hope it was helpfull

for details see :


Check my listen links to hear an example of working with both PAL and Event Sheduler

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Thanks Reslez,


Remember this :

If you pull an IP Port to your SAM by using the Event Sheduler add days and/or times as following

- If the set has to start after your top of the hour (TOTH)

set day(s) + time(s) as 02:59:49 (hour setting is an example)

if you use a TOTH, the start of the IP Port gonna start perfect after your TOTH

- making settings by using Event Sheduler always creates a line who includes ipBottom

be sure to change this part into ipTop (mention the "T" and "B" - other content is written with lower cases !!)


Make some try outs, and you'll succeed A-ok :)

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