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How to Make a DJ Resume

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eHow: Make a Resume for a DJ position.




I don't know your age, and don't really care. Although I am only 14 I have co-run a few stations for a few months in my few years, as members have said before me, I can't stress it enough, Professonalism. Read these:

1) I hesitated reading your paragraph (if you can call it that) the formatting was horrid and hard to read, try to capitalize a few things, and add some ' in some places. It's really not that hard, I'm sure my baby cusin could do and understand that.


2) FORMAT! Have you ever read some text book about something really boring? Thats what reading your 'paragraph' is like. It is hard to grasp and understand.


3)Again to deal with format, you asking for a time on thursday, then you jump to what kind of music you play, then back to your time. It's confusing :confused:. It's like me saying:


I have a dog. My dog is over in the nieghbors yard with a collar. He's a dog.


... Doesn't really make sense, right?


4) LOOSEN your demands, although you go: I want this, but I can get that. People don't like that, you get what you get.


5) Be specific. You say you want to be paid, then you say you don't really care if you do. If you want to be paid, say it, stand up and say it with pride. And you say you have mature material, what do you mean by that?



I personally, a 14 year old, would not hire you.



The main part of getting a job, that roy has said:

Professionalism is the key, and getting someone who knows what the hell they're doing is essential.

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