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Looking to start a new station

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Hi I am new to the forum and pretty new to DJing. been DJing for a small sation on the internet and it's close to closing down and been looking very interested in launching my own station. I am currently working on the site but haven't got into the Programing of it yet. I realy don't don't know much about programing the site I do have a design done in photoshop and I am also looking into as many features on the site I can add in to keep the listeners tuned in. I have a flash vioce chat site that will be connected to the station that I will be launching and looking very promising to add in. It will include games and two room monitor robots one for the chat site and quizes one for the radio station. I am also looking to add as many wigets as I can without too much. I do need suggestions on it and also I would need the technical help too. I know a little about sams (which is what I use). But don't know about programing it. I am also looking to use automation instead of auto DJ. I have some DJ that are interested in jioning me but honestly none of us are perfessional and would love to have some perfessional to jion in with me and help along the way... If anyone is interested you can add me to yahoo messenger. carl_ward2001@yahoo.com. Just email me or message me. also If anyone has any suggestions on how to make it as interesting as I can to get as many listeners as I can let me know.
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