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spanish Voice Over for Internet Station


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Hi i'm max and i work for a dutch internet station that only plays latin music.

we have a lot of dutch jingles but we are also looking for a voice-over in spanish.

is there someone that can help me .


Here are the texts that I would like to have in spanish.

Buenos Días.

Buenas Tardes.

Buenas Noches.

Estás escuchando Radio Candela.

Radio Candela, sólo éxitos.

Radio Candela, la emisora latina.

Radio Candela, 24 horas al día, 7 días a la semana: lo mejor de la música latina.

Estás escuchando Amor, Amor.

Bailando Tropical, mucho sabor!

Bailando tropical, te pone a gozar.

greetings max



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