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new internet radio station i want voice over


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Hi to all

I want please 2 vocals for my internet station and program if you can do it that for me it will be your pleasure and thank you very much


the first voice is :


Every Wednesday 21:00 to 22:30 we are blazing and we are facing the hits for your pleasure dj omek in the mix with the hits back to back!!!


the second voice is :


Now on air the live program by dj omek burning the house system live at heavenly sound radio ohhh

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Hello Dj_Omek!


Firstly, i apologize to everyone for deleting their posts. Firstly, yes we do have rules but we are not "hard strict" on them, I always try a friendly approach to new members first, if they are not friendly back then i advise the rest of the community not to bother. Language is a common thing, English is spoken here but i did call this site Broadcasting World for a reason. For Worldwide acceptance :) I just ask you all to give a little respect kindly! First impressions are not always the last!


Dj-Omek, welcome to our site firstly, your vocieover request has been reviewed and i am sure somebody may do it for you. I do suggest that you browse around our site, a voiceover costs between $100-$200 if done via a Voiceover Site and what we are providing is free! So we do ask for you to at least introduce yourself in the correct section, contribute some discussion or ask a question!


Good luck on the voiceover request, if you need any assistance just PM me or another staff member!

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Welcome to broadcasting world DJ Omek. James & Johny C is absolutely right. Here in BW we do the same like living in the world... meeting people and befriend. We and other members here could contribute to any ones need when it comes to voice over. but of course, we have to know the person who is requesting. Hope you understand. Again, welcome and to BW.
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Hi there brutish...

i am from greece (athens)

i am playing to a internet radio

here is the link : http://www.heavenlysoundradio.blogspot.com/

if you want to hear me i am playing every wednesday 21:00-22:30

by the way tomorrow live


i have to pay 100$-200$ to have my 2 vocals?


Firstly, Welcome to Broadcasting World.


Nah, James isn't saying that you will need to pay $100-$200. He's just saying that if you went directly to a voice over's site, it would cost you in that range. whereas here, it gets done for free.


All we're asking for is for you to help contribute to the forum outside of the voice over section.


If I were you, I'd start of by introducing yourself in the "Introduce Yourself!" section located here.



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Hi DJ_Omek,

Welcome to BW. Next is wait and see if the vo specialists will do your spots. They usually do, but when they have time from their paid work. It is a community here and folks want to get know you and have you come back for more than a free voice over. Participation is the key here. The more you participate, the more likely your request will be filled :) .

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