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Mongolia Charity Rally

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Hey Guys,


I run Go Help, a UK registered charity that organises a number of events under the Charity Rallies banner, including the Mongolia Charity Rally - mongolia.charityrallies.org -, Roof of the World Rally - roofoftheworld.charityrallies.org - and Cambodian Tuk Tuk Challenge - tuktuk.charityrallies.org .


We're looking to raise our profile with mainstream broadcasting media, and wondering whether anyone on the forum can give us advice as to whether what we do is of any interest to broadcasting media, or how we could make it be of interest.


The events are pan-continental car rallies with the aim of raising the most cash for charity. Our Media Group is working to get detailed profiles on all participants so that we can target local radio and TV stations effectively.


If anyone is willing to give us advice, I would love to have it. Drop me a line at info@gohelp.org.uk


Also, if this is the wrong forum for discussing this, no worries - feel free to tell me.


Thanks very much.


Best regards,


Dave @ Charity Rallies

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