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Linux: Audio player streaming to Shoutcast server?

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Man I've been looking for a while and except for xmms I can't find any Linux based, descent and simple audio player that will stream to a Shoutcast server.


Any link would be appreciated. If it comes down to it I'll go with Virtualbox (which I love) but that just wasted ram/cpu.


I don't need any automated software just something to play the playlist and send it to a shoutcast server.



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You could use BUTT (Broadcast Using This Tool) - not sure if It will stream a playlist, but worth a look anyway...


/ Just have a look around on Sourceforge as there are a few options out there :)

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Why don't you just use sc_trans .. simple, but effective.


From reading this seems like too much manual work. I'd prefer to have a GUI player where I can create playlists and use some kind of DSP to send the stream to my shoutcast server. I'd like to run a native linux program but I guess I might just have to go the VirtualBox way.

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Butt will Transcode? Specific directory, I use it for live broadcast, and you can sample your show and dice it up afterwords. I actually use it on a junker comp at home, and use another junker winxp comp to play the music I send through a mini mixer to the butt via line in on a sound blaster audigy card.


I'll post that tutorial here...One sec.

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Q: ok this is what i am thinking i have a extra computer that i want to make handel all my encoding


all my inputs would go in to a mixer then out to the computer's sound cards input the encoder would then be on that computer and incode the streem this way i can ad sound cards and have more then one channel and stream then all i would have to do is setup diffrent studios and conect them to the compurter with the encoder one it.



so is there a independent software encoder that i can use that mabey be free if not it is ok


DRS 2006 Internet Broadcaster


I looked at drs2006 witch had a problem with the install packeg and would not work but i did like it alot.


i also looked at using winamp and dps pluging but found it a bit bugey for what i would like to do with it. so any sugestions would be great thanks.




Brutish A: A bunch of ways to do this, BUT!!!



The easiest way to do this for a low budget hobby caster, the Brutish tutorial. At your own risk


1) Get two computers, one of them your streaming comp, one of them your source comp. Both of them can be pieces of junk. (both comps $500-$650)


2) Get a cheap mixer. My pick was the Xenyx 502 micro mixer ($40)


3) For soundcard, a cheap soundblaster audigy 1 sounds pretty good, something with a line in is what you want (Im not telling you how to pro rig this, just how to do it for cheap.) (about $40-60 depending on how hard you search, maybe cheaper)


4) Get a couple of double 2.5 MM to single 1.5 mm connections. ($10)


5) If your looking for a good mic that is very cheap but not incredible, a radio shack mic will work. Most people don't realize this, but Shure originally designed the microphones for RS. You can do phantom power with the mini mixer, but I WOULD RECOMMEND you go with a 2.5 mm dynamic mic, just because if you are doing this live for cheap, you probably are doing this in your living room, not a studio. It will assist in noise canceling of outside noise, because of the low range of sound pick up.

( radio shack 2.5 mm mic is about $15, a radio shack dynamic with phantom power, cable, and mic arm about $40-$50)


BIG POST NOTE: THE 502 Has XML MIC support but NOT PHANTOM POWER SUPPORT! If you are going to use a mic requiring Phantom power, go with the Xenyx 802 (again $40-60, depending on how hard you search)


FOR source and encoding?


I like winamp for source, and for transcoding? use BUTT (Broadcasting using this tool) from sourceforge. ( Open source-free)


It is very basic, and many advantages, my favorite?


A) If the processing comp your using is a low tech piece of garbage you threw together, that would be ok for the early 2000? It runs on linux, which is the perfect OS for a barebone (plus soundcard) comp thrown together. (Linux is free, open source)


B) It also is perfect for recording/archiving the show while you broadcast, and linux also runs audacity, Perfect for chopping and editing metadata for song titles for making a playlist to rebroadcast later.



NOTE: I will say this about the 2.5 mm mic. It sounds kinda ackward for stereo , I would recommends a mono stream for the broadcast, especially if your offering a 28kbps/32 kbps through 64 kbps stream. Sounds better mono in mp3 anyways. But I said CHEAP, not PRO


OK, now for the magic.



1)Run that output of the source comp from the 1.5 mm sound out into the double 2.5 mm connections, making your left and right so that you can achieve stereo through the mixer.


2)Run your left and right out on your main. two 2.5 mm jack to the single 1.5 mm jack on you LINE (not mic, you will fry your card) in.


3) DONT LISTEN to the stream through your mixer. It wont sound like it does on the stream anyways, you boost the sounds through winamp for that audio processing. Take another computer and listen in through there. Keep in mind the delay on the stream. SAVE THAT AUDIO PROCESSING SETTING IN WINAMP! When you rebroadcast, you will need to set it neutral.


4) control the music/mic control all through the mixer. I dont like screwing with encoding comp at all. I have had occasional drops, and if your using a true piece of crap comp for the encoding, you will know what Im talking about. Dont touch it until your done with the show.





1) Use audacity to chop that show file into smaller pieces, so you can tag all the metadata. Put it all in a Directory. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE THE MP3 CODEC INSTALLED ON AUDACITY!


2) Transfer that directory of mp3's to your source comp through whatever means you select.


3) When its show time, pull up that directory, and MAKE SURE to set that audio processing to neutral. The files where recorded with the encoder, so audio processing is already done.






I'll post pictures and whatnot when I get home.


I switched to automation, but their are other solutions.


If this tutorial is too expensive for your taste, I have other nice little jerry rig suggestions.




a couple other notes I wanted to point out for those considering a mixer.


1) I am not a sound expert, but Im pretty sure that my USB audio mixer I tried (brief period, it was a friends) only supported two audio channels. Really made me angry with sound quality.


2) The best sound I have found for recording is getting a phantom power to USB plugin for a good mic. Sounds a lot clearer with sound quality, but again, Im not a big stereo pro guy.


3) I had some e-mails from buddies asking me about why MP3? True, you dont have to play mp3 music. If your recording from stereo mix, and not from source with sound input, you can use ogg, flac whatever. When it comes to recording stereo mix, the better the sound, the better its going to sound. Keep in mind whatever your source comp is, It needs to support the codec of whatever the music file your trying to play.

KNSJ.org / 89.1 FM San Diego
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Well I tried Winamp and Foobar2000 under wine but both were unstable when using the shoutcast/edcast DPS plugins. Both work fine under VirtualBox/XP


I'm gonna do some more searching and look into getting a custom dsp/edcast like plugin for one of the native linux players coded.

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Well I got it running good in Mint 8/VirtualBox/XP using Foobar2000/EdCast


I've just installed DarkIce/DarkSnow and will do some testing with that that set up using SongBird as the player. Will report back.

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What version of linux do you use?


You should hit up the Debian library.


Linux Mint 8. I've already search the repos. DarkIce/Snow is wthat I found BUT my notebook that I was testing on just lost the LCD on it sucks as I just had it replaced few days ago, must be the video card.


I'll post back next week with more info when I get the notebook fixed again.

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Why mint? If your going to GUI, why not ubuntu? Works right out the box, Debian is uber pimp, LOTS of streaming support (I am falling in love with JACK) and frequent updates.


Mint is based off Ubuntu and is what Ubuntu should be. Although I don't like the "Mint" branding of the base apps that come with it, its a really polished Ubuntu based distro.

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I just got done reading about it, and Im pretty impressed.


I tried mint once WAY BACK, and it didn't impress me at all, but I guess now its based off Ubuntu rather than the previous versions. PLUS common codec support like Mp3 and flash out of the box?


I actually might install this on my ubuntu comp today, Just to give it a test run. If it is as user friendly as it says it is, Im sold.


But if Mint is based on ubuntu, and as a result a debian based OS, why not just hit up the debian library? You have TONS of audio playing/streaming apps there.

KNSJ.org / 89.1 FM San Diego
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Well I give up for now, there's nothing descent that I found for radio automation for Linux that is free and most of it pain in the ass to install.


Looks like I'm gonna have to rethink my setup for now and go with a windows box for the stream source.

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Ok so I installed it on my laptop and its also working good :) but I had to run this command rdgen -t 10 -l 16 /var/snd/999999_000.wav so get the test sound working. After that all seems good.


Having gone through Rivendell for a little bit I think this might be too much for my station atm. Don't need anything that fancy.

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