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dedicated single station iphone

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Hi all, i am now in the position to be able to offer

hosting companys and radio stations a dedicated single station iphone

application and would like to see who would be interested in this service ?

Within the app most things are possible but at the moment we can offer


Support several streams/bitrates for the same station

Direct contact email form within app

The much sort after "Background Radio Playing"

Display Current Song Title Playing History (view previously played songs)

Play/Pause Listening and Volume control Remember last listened station and Resume Playing on the next application start.

Information about station (logo, description, bitrate, website etc.)

Stable connection (automatic reconnect on an internet connection fail)

High MP3 & Low Bitrate Stream AAC+ Supported for 3G and Edge connections as well as wi-fi

Compatable with iPhones 3g 3gs, iPod Touch and the new iPad using OS 3.1 or later


At the moment my personal radio app is waiting for approval from iTunes and this should be ready within one week as a demo to download.

as soon as my app is live ill be adding more information about this subject

If anyone would like a quote please pm me or mail me with your required spec and ill will get

back to you asap

cheers for now


Get your own dedicated Radio Station "IPHONE" application click here


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