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Good Morning - Good Afternoon shout (Offshore style)


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Hello Everyone,


A while ago I made an upload of some old "yesterplay" cuts


Today I wonna share with you a file who contains :

- some Good Morning and Good Afternoon shouts (both used very often during the Offshore Radio period 60s and 70s)

- and some other small samples / shouts


Please reply at anytime with your feedback !

Thanks and enjoy !! :kiss:

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Thanks Johny,


Well they all are ...

Old shouts, with or without a remastering sounds "still" pretty cool and up to date ... strange enough ... isn't

I have tons of these old jingles, but it should take to looooong to cut and edit them all into specific files ...

unless once in a while some of them can be edited as a specific genre or style

Thanks GK, more great bits.

Thanks again ! :clap:

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