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Greetings from Trance Charming

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Lots of greetings to all the members and admins of this forum!


I'm Trance Charming, from Italy, DJ and producer since 2002, and I'm really happy I've found a portal dedicated to broadcasting, webradios are my passion since I begun to broadcast my show in 2004.

Actually I'm not playing into any radio station, only clubs, but I hope I'll soon find some good collaborations.


Just in case you wish to add me on Facebook, here's my link: http://www.facebook.com/trancecharming


I'll be writing here frequently! ;)

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Welcome! What type of trance do you play? :) Artists?


Ive recently moved into club DJing this year, finding it an amazing experience! (Electro is my style)


Im sure if you post up a job advert here, a station may take you up on a show! Either online or on the airwaves!



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Hello James! :)


As a DJ, I like to play trance music in every subgenre, but I have particular regards for progressive trance, vocal and uplifting trance... with 20/30 minutes of hardtrance to close my sets into the club. My best DJ/producers are the following ones:


- Sunset (uplifting)

- Arnej (progressive)

- Med vs Neil Banford (uplifting)

- Luca Antolini (hardtrance)

- Alive Stone (progressive)

- Claudia Cazacu (uplifting)

- Dave Darell (progressive - electro trance)


As a producer I belong to uplifting trance and hardtrance, I like to compose both melodies and hard synths.


Actually I can guarantee my presence into the forum, but I'll be available for radios from September, because I'm working as a DJ far from home for all the summer season. When I'll come back I'll submit my request to play in one of your radio stations.

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Of course, I've known him personally last year, but we don't play the same music... his own genre is hands up (artists of referrement: Cascada, Manian, Rob Mayth, Jorg Schmid) which is nothing but dance music composed in german style, and it has nothing to do with trance that maybe can be just a little similar to dance when we listen to some vocal trance tunes.
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