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Where have i been....


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... well..... a 3 month DJ tour of Belarus and Ukraine.


Some of you may know that I went there last year as well. This time my plan was to move over there permanently, but some silly red tape has meant that I am back in the UK until next February when I can then get a permanent work visa out there.


Its been an amazing 3 months. I was over there for 95 days, played at 18 events, and have had far too much russian vodka to last a lifetime !!


Anyway I thought I would say hi to those that remember me, and to say hi to all the new members. Site is looking good ! Added my station to the radio page, so hopefully see a few more listeners tuned in as well.


If you are interested I will be putting up a full review of my trip away on the krisisdnb website in the next week or so once I have got my head together and made an effort to find myself a new job here in the uk.



MX (KrisisDnB, UK)




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