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Requesting Voice Over (Female Or Male)

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Whats going everyone. I posted a intro thread and will be trying to participate in the community. I didn't read anything in the rules about profanity so hopefully no one minds.


I would like a voice over done for my mixtape and a tag for my beats that I make. I attached the example. In the example the female says, "Precise gang bitch". And the male voice says, "DB, how the **** did you get this record?"


If any female voice over professional could say "This a street beat bitch". Exactly how the example says that I provided.


I'm not asking for two voice overs, but after looking over the request threads i've only seen male's providing them. So if no female can do the first one, can a male do this one:


"JaeWayne, how the **** did you get this record?" The word Jae is pronounced like the letter J. So it would be J-Wayne. Hopefully that makes sense.


I hate to be picky because it's free, but would only like someone who has American accent and not British or any other accent.


Thank you.


I would like to make a quick edit. I don't need the female part anymore. Just the male part:


"JaeWayne, how the **** did you get this record?"

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~*Disclaimer*~ i dont mind cursing at all in the slightest bit because im a radio personality but if you mind cussing (and by that i mean anyone other than the requester) i wouldn't download this if i were you.


here you go dude



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xxxlpd, I'm real sorry man. I thought no one responded to this thread because I didn't get an email saying someone responded. I was expecting one, maybe I didn't set my settings right.


I had to go to a voice over site and pay for a female one. Still looking for the male one but this one is free so I can't complain about it.

I appreciate you taking the time to do this.

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