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Artist looking for air time


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Hi Saint,

Than I have "the" solution for that artist

click and visit http://www.deucemp.com/

who offers 100% free a Weekly 2 hours radioset who contains unsigned, Indy, soft Rock and Rock artists, interviews, promos etc ... called The Deuce Radio Show

Its broadcasted at worldwide AM / FM stations and at internet only projects


Secondly :


Its one of the best communities concerning AID to unsigned and professional artists.

All radio members at the website are professionals and can make broadcast quality downloads of the songs (no one else outside of media can become a full member !!)

The artist has an own homepage with bio, mediaplayer, link to homepage - myspace etc etc

Important is : AirPlayDirect aka APD collabs with the team members of The Deuce Radio Show


Hope this was usefull

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