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music libraries, syndicated programs

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Hi, new kid on the block here, from Australia.


A mate and I are in the process of buying a couple of low power narrowcast FM stations on the east coast. Our combined music collection totals only 6,500 tracks, hardly enough to hold a regular consistent audience so we need to buy a few libraries.


The formats are smooth jazz on one station and adult contemporary the other, and the only material I've seen for sale is classic hits type stuff (60's and 70's.)


While we're not going into this for love, we sure aren't budding media moguls either though we do realise we're going to have to buy program content in the form of libraries and syndicated. We will run advertising so some programming costs can be written down from this income.


Other formats on air in the area are youth based pop and rock, Christian, classic hits, talk and community programs.


Any thoughts and suggestions most welcome.



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