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I have a webradio in Paris. Indian and Bollywood songs.


Before users used to request songs from the website.


Many hacks on my website, i decided to disable that.


Is there a safe way to request songs ? Ajax ?


Thanks for your help.



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Hacks on your website as radio station ? Very strange ...

What kind of software do you use ? I guess SAM ...

if so they have to crack almost your pc to mess up the request tool


For technical details I'm sure a fellow member gonna be able to point you to the right direction


Concerning SAM : if needed, you can always upload your "request proxy" directory to a 3rd party website (ex : from a friend)

By changing the http content of the javascript (file : request and song) you can request tracks who gonna send a command to your SAM, even if this directory is at an other place than your own webserver.


Hope this answer was usefull

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