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Setting up radio site..

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Hello, i am new here and i am building a webradio site for playing music 24/7 and doing live shows.

I wanted to ask how am i going to add/or find scripts like this site (album,lyrics etc when a song plays).


I am using SAM broadcaster for software but i am not yet very familiar with it.


Any help?

Also i use joomla as cms for my site, do you have to recommended me something more suitable for this? Or any layouts free or paid :P? (that's a bit out of subject )


Also could you provide me any other radio websites to take ideas? (like the one above)

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Yep ... that "now playing" section is huge

maybe a little too big for a general website


In fact if you use SAM you gonna find into the software directory all things who are needed to upload "your" playlists and "your" currently playing song and played songs (check the directory of spacialaudio software)


Secondly : take a look at BW by using the "search" tool (see on top of your topic)

You gonna find in several older posts different scripts or details about how to setup yours


If you are new to this ... be sure, nothing is perfect and sometimes your own ideas or view in combination with excisting scripts gives the best solution to your needs

Good luck !

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Im trying to build something like this right now..

I thinking about to number the songs.

after make some php work and build some code that will read the number (name of the song that is number.. like ID) and search in my data base after the details of the song. (i will put the details manually).

I hope u understand what Im mean..

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Try using frameset. Here is an example and if you want to try different settings use the link below.





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I actually have a good Iframe tutorial somewhere. Scattered about the web, but I like it the best. The only good reason you would want to use widgets is if your streaming port 80, as it will not prompt the listener for a file transfer. Otherwise offering buttons with playlist that load in the listeners player seems like a much better solution. They shut it off, and when they turn it back on, there is your station.
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