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Silent Lapse

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This band, Silent Lapse, from Westphalia, MI is giving their debut cd away for free download. I told them I would spread the word about them and it far and wide. Play them on your stations and let me and/or them know if you do. They are an absolutely awesome bunch of kids that play their hearts out. They spent quite a bunch of money on the cd but I dont think it justifies seeing them live. The cd is still worth money but they wanted to give it away for free.
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Hi Unkle,

Point the artist to this website :


Owner / contact = Rob Saunders

They may use the name of my project as redirect contact

The Deuce Radio Show is a Weekly 2 hours (English) set who's aired at both AM/FM and Internet only stations - with in general unsigned artists and Indy, Pop, Rock, PopRock etc genres ...

The artist gets promo, interviews during their weekly set, contacts to AirPlayDirect etc

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