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I am thinking of buying this mixer just for starters dont wanna spend lots of money to start with.. I just need to know will this mixer work on a pc. and is it any good for a starter mixer .. once i get to know how to set it up and happy with it then i might buy a better and bigger one thanks...



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As an "oldie" into the world of music and media I don't like those types of mixers ... they are making mixing "too" easy ...

Sound strange ... but its part of the true


If you are a starter its better to start mixing with a regular mix table (input turntables, input CD, input mic etc)

it gonna teach you the difference between different beats, pitch adjustement who has to be done at your CD or turntables etc ...

That way your experience gonna give you a better feeling to what is happening with a beat (also usefull to sampling, scratching, ...)


The short way : it gonna learn you to mix 2 tracks "without" using a decrease of your bass ...


To many today djs do think that they can make a mix by using lesser bass on track A and make a mix with track B ... witch sounds ok ... but this ain't "the way" to mix in the right way ...

A track (Dance or other) has also cymbals, hats etc who has to be recognized as "part" of the mix a dj is willing to make ...


PS : this is just my point of view as former professional (since 1978) ... so I mixed already many tracks, both with turntables, CDs or by using software such as BPM studio

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