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I'm Back!!! :D


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Hey Guys,


It feels like forever since I was last here. I just wanted to say a couple of things...


Firstly, and most importantly; I want to thank all of you for your most kindness and generosity to me when I really needed it. I was, and am, so appreciative of everything you guys did for me.:kiss:


It was such a hard time and it seemed like I was teetering on the brink of a very deep and dark cliff for a while there.


While I never made it back in time to see my mum despite all your best efforts, (She died some weeks back), it is ok... and I am home in New Zealand now.


We did lose our home in the States due to the medical bills and Jay and I split, very amicably and he remains my best friend.


It was a nightmare of a time. But now I am home, and once I have a place of my own and have found my feet again I will be sweet! :)


I arrived home in NZ last tuesday, and until I can find a place of my own, I am living with my 22 year old daughter and her flat mates, all uni students :scared: haha...


They don't want this old woman around for too long cramping their style.. and frankly, I want my own space as well so I can set up my studio and get into work again.

Can't wait... While everything has been going on, I really have not wanted to do much of anything, but now, I am itching to get back into it..


So bring it on... :voiceover:


Cheers! and thanks guys this is for you all!:clap::thumbup:




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Living with students , lol I see night clubbing coming up. I hope you can keep up.;)

:eyebrow: hmmm... yes, I can see it now....The old bag trailing behind the youngsters! I would already be wilting by 10pm before they even start for the night...:lol:

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Welcome back Marianne ...

Everyone has its off-periods in life ... so I wish you a new and good start at your new place in NZ

Leave the past behind and point yourself to targets in the future ... everyone needs to do it

The virtual world aka the www can be helpfull to achieve it ...

Good luck !

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Welcome back Mirianne, I'm sure you find a place very soon, at the meanwhile enjoy the company of those youngsters, It keeps you young.

I know my son left the confort of home a month ago so till than it was a comming and going of young guy's and girls all the time. But know I'm a grandfather from may 8th and I feel like I'm 20 again ;) -I wish :P - having a baby of 5 weeks in your arms and and giving him his bottl brings back memories.

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Hey Thanks guys... You lot are the very best :D

Today, this morning, I feel human again! My jet lag has all but gone and I am ready to face whatever the world throws at me. It is a good day. I have lots I have to do and no wheels, but it is a beautiful day for walking.. so I had best get started.

Much love to you all...



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