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Help with station and Direttore

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I recently acquired a copy of Direttore Broadcast because I was tired of trying to make pal scripts work in my Sam Broadcaster. Direttore seems to be exactly what I needed but I cannot figure out how to set it up. Reading the manual is a bit like learning how work on a car by reading encyclopedia descriptions on what each part does. Not that I expect anybody to give me all my answers but some simple step by step directions would be nice. So if there is somebody here to help, I would very much appreciate it. Here is a breakdown of my rig.


I have a computer hooked up to the net, that computer is broadcasting using SAM out to the server. Sam Vice FX mic is on constantly configured using the stereo mix option on the computers audio settings so anything that plays on the computer goes out over SAM. The automation is going to be broadcasted using Direttore Broadcast and the hosts will call into skype which will automatically pick up and bring them right onto the air. That way they can hear the commercial breaks coming and nearly anybody with a mic and computer can do a formated show.


I am looking at a pretty wild format for my station. Since I am just starting and don't have many hosts yet, I want to have pre-recorded shows on rotation most of the time broken up between by a few hours of music all with commercial breaks at regular intervals. The only exception to the rotation will be the 6 or 7 live shows that I will have through the week at certain times. Those need a timed intro, commercial breaks at different intervals and outro for each show individually. I figure once I know how to set this up, it will be easy to just adjust the settings to include new shows as I add hosts to the roster.


Sorry for being so verbose and I thank anybody who can help. =)

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