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I do belive they are getting ready for the launch of SC2 and YP2

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I dont know. I will say I was able to get a sneak peek at the next KHtrunk for Icecast, and its going to blow SC2 away. But thats like fight club, and I have already said too much.


I created a IC2 config generator for anyone looking to make the switch quick and easy to ICEcast2 Win32.




working out the bugs with its shortcode so the next model will be ready for IFF functions (AKA adding mount points, mount specific info, ect)


After that, its on to the linux version.


After that, I am building one for SC2 (but allready started MAAAAANY IFF functions required) which will output the SC_serv /w endpoints. the SC_trans config, and all the player links /w Icons (already hosted) for easy copy and paste config.


But I really think SC_serv screwed themselves somewhat unless this was an attempt to move everyone broadcasting to AACP (which if that was the plan, it was brilliant)


Can you imagine a hosting company like centova or WHMsonic having a prompt screen that says ," You want to broadcast MP3? go get your Uvox code from the site after you pay your 5 bucks and enter it here."


Not to mention how thats also going to screw up BRILLIANT programs like Make-a-voices skinned SC_trans2 / NSVX(I seriously hope they plan to migrate the NSVX player they designed over to SC2 compatability)


Not that this really screws ANYTHING up, as SC2YP can still be obtained via a basic SC1 config as I understand it. Why they would make SC)trans a requirement? I dont know.


What I know is that this move is going to make it a hell of a lot tougher for all those kids that are setting up a server at 2AM with 1000 questions. The guys that do it all from scratch and move up from day 1 These people are the ones that usually buckle down and stay in the hobby/venture for the long haul.


Hurt their chances of getting their feet wet streaming, hurt the chances of them moving on to web hosting. This hurts the industry in general.


Honestly, how many customers do you see that never touched SC_serv/ICE win32, try your services, and stick around for more than 6 months?

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