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Howdy all,


Im sitting with my laptop here with my nose slowly unblocking from this flu i have! Ill be judging stream hosts uptime statistics, features and recent activity (website updates, new services etc..) until the end of this month!


That means a new Editors Choice & Stream Host Of The Month! Coming soon to your computer screens :clown:





Studiio - All-In-One Radio Communication Platform
SMS | Phone Calls | Social Media | Content

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Me! Pick Me! Lol...Kidding of course.


It'd be nice to see some new host reviews from customers!

Stream101 | Affordable Media Solutions

Shared cPanel? Web Hosting | WordPress Hosting | Premium Stream Hosting

TOLL-FREE: (616) 277-7280 | 30 Day NO QUESTIONS Money-Back Guarantee

100% Cogent Free Network | CloudLinux OS | Tier 1 Bandwidth | Grand Rapids, MI

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We have announced our August 2010 specials:

  1. 50% off all transcoding services
  2. 66% off most Shoutcast / Icecast / Windows Media Servers
  3. 100 mbit unmetered Quad i3 server - $229 / month
  4. Discount on SAM4

To see details, CLICK HERE


For example, listeners at 128k are usually $1.10 each and are on sale now for $0.36 each. You won't find a better deal anywhere for this quality bandwidth. Same bandwidth (Hurricane Electric) that is used by Spacial Net, Fast-Serv, EGI & SCS.

SCS - Dedicated Bandwidth Servers

Shoutcast / Icecast / Windows Media

Transcoding - Auto DJ - Mobile Radio - FLASH Players - Auto DJ

Broadcasting World's Stream Host of the Month

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i was with shoutcaststreaming.us for years (lastcall-radio) before we got a "we wanna help" letter from sound exchange....lol....after reading the letter trust me they didnt want to help....we panic'd and started hunting for legal alternatives and thats when i found loudcaster.....i have no complaints with shoutcaststreaming.us ...since the closing of loudcaster i found that shoutcaststreaming was a little higher then most money wise and didnt come with an auto dj...i believe u have to purchase that seperately....as it stands now i found what looks to be a fairly good streaming company offering 25 listeners shoutcast unlimited bandwidth and 10 gigs of storage for the auto dj....then went with streamlicensing.com for my legal solutions....who by the way recommended the streaming company because he said his company is on their servers also....sounded good to me so i went with it. most streaming companys come with a basic auto dj which is all we really need..but in all those years with shoutcaststreaming.us i cant remember it ever going down. so if i run into problems with the new company i will be running "home"....lol
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