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Stickam has been around for quite some time now, and was

reviewed in full on these very pages a year ago. Stickam makes it very easy to create both video chat sessions and live broadcasts straight from your web-cam, with the addition of being able to upload photos and audio / music files to include in your broadcasting line-up. With an easy to navigate embeddable media player, an active (if teenager-biased) community and promotion of forthcoming shows on the Stickam website, this makes for a well-rounded live broadcasting solution.


Suited to: Creating live broadcasts that can be embedded into any website or blog, or watched from the Stickam website with the addition of text and video chat.


Not suitable for: Those afraid to seem 'past their prime'. The Stickam website and community is almost entirely comprised of teenagers, and the service can feel a little too teenaged for the tastes of some. Nevertheless, there is nothing to stop you breaking the mold.


Link: http://www.masternewmedia.org/video_internet_television/live-video-streaming/broadcast-yourself-live-with-video-streaming-20070424.htm#ixzz0tvakDYf1


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Ustream.tv is a much more popular site and they are widely used for radio stations. They are much more professional looking, and do not have a "myspace" look to it.

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