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Show Us Your Station's Homepage!

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will do..im looking into the script right now so let me see if i have time to get my hands dirty..lol..hope it works out..


***EDIT*** i just looked at it and the price is going to keep me from playing with it for now..i wish they had a 30 day demo so I can see if it would be a good fit for me...to bad..

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its very clean and polished looking..i have been looking into Wordpress and Joomla im still on the fence about which one to go with..but seeing your site definitely is helping me make a decision...thanks for sharing it..

wordpress is very customizable (and more reliable then joomla)


Will be live again this weekend here is the new site wordpress http://www.k94rocks.com/


very nice site!

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We have many schools with stations, so I can only show my home page with sample stations. If anyone can give criticism or any comments about our site design, I will listen to all suggestions.




We are dedicated to providing a service for sports broadcasting for high schools and colleges that do not have a dedicated station for all their events.

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My station is called "KILR FM: Killer Radio". FM has a different meaning for us, and it stands for "Fun Music". We like all kinds of music, so we play a wide variety of music from the 1920's to the latest hits today covering Rock, Country, Rap, and much more! We also have a variety of fun programs scheduled throughout the week.


I've put a lot of work into our website to make it a fun place to visit. We've got a blog, forum, free games to play, info on our DJ's, history of the station, a form to request songs, and more. I'm continually working on the station and website, so there is much more to come! Come visit us and let us know what you think.


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Just released V4 of my website taken just over 3 months to get some Functionality back into it after ditching SAM.


Running off SQL using radiodj ..... i think this is my best effort EVER!



My Blog https://djgarybaldy.blogspot.com

User of RadioDJ FREE radio playout software since 2010.

How to Install RadioDJ: https://djgarybaldy.blogspot.com/2020/08/how-to-install-radiodj-free-radio.html

RadioDJ is my FAVOURITE piece of software it works when I need It



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