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Comments On my VOs


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Your voice is good! Without a doubt but your vocals are among the sound effects, beds and other imaging elements too much in my opinion. They could be clearer. Your mic also sounds very mid-boosted.


Play with the volume fader's in your Cool Edit Pro mixer. Still production was good! Keep it up. :)

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Well, I like the style - very European, club style. One or two of the productions need more practice, you need to work on a fine balance between backing sounds and the main message or it will get lost in the background.


Very positive work though and the main thing is that I like your voice. It oozes enthusiasm, something that is missing from many these days. So very well done!:thumbup:

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Hello Z


I agree with all members on top of this

If you are using Adobe you have to be able to increase the voice level

Currently your voice is "somewhere" into the musicbed

In general if you increase your voice ... you can click "right click" at the channel of the voice track ... look for volume and increase that part with +2 untill +2,6

This small edit gonna give a world of difference to your final edit


Secondly ... take a look at the content and end of your beds ... they are fading out ...

search into the musicbed for a "hit" sample or use the end of the musicbed - cut and paste that small sample-part to the end nearest to the last voice sample

Take a closer look to the "beat WAVE" of your musicbed and add your END sample on the right spot ...

It gonna make a perfect "closer" of your production ... and if you are willing to use a SFX element or other it can give the end something special


Hope this was helpfull

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Guest Baabaa Productions

Good start ....agree with what has been said. Vocals lost in the background, after all its the vocals we want to hear. Maybe add some compression to bring the vocals up and drop the effects a few db. Like the use of "Love will tear us apart" on track 4. Good luck its all about practice.


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thanks for all the comments...ill post some of my revised works soon

more power to you all






Hi Ricky, I can hear a hint of a producer in you. And you know what, some of the most well known voice over artists today started out as someone doing behind the mic works, if you know what I'm talking about.


I'd like to lead you to a video about how to make clear and crisp voice over, note that this one uses audition 3, but you might find the features available in later versions of cool edit, audition's predecessor.


Click here http://www.radiojinglesvip.com/apps/videos/videos/show/13237642-clear-crisp-vocals-in-adobe-audition-3

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