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Need VO for my Radiocast Website

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Kindly please help me, i i need a voice-over for my Radiocast Website.



Voice Over Text Below:


Welcome to CICS Interactive.net...

Your Underground Portal to the World Wide Web...

We Ruled and We Rock 24/7 round the clock...


Thank You...:)

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Kelvin Tim,


As Joonas has said, please have a read of the voiceover guidelines ( located here )


How Many Posts Do I Need To Get A Voiceover?

We usually do not set a limit on posts but we ask that you contribute to areas outside of the Voiceover Section, may we suggest Introducing Yourself, Posting some helpful information in other active threads or asking new questions around our many forum categories.



Then someone might be happy to do your request. This gives the BroadcastingWorld community an idea that your going to be an active user here.


I suggest that your introduce yourself here


Also, due to the following;


Why was my request locked?

As of 14th Feburary 2010, anybody who requests a voiceover that does not read and follow these guidelines will have their thread locked with no explanation. No questions asked.


This thread is locked. PM me if you have any queries.



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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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