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Looking For A Co Host or 2

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Hello everyone. For those who don't know me I'm James McCoy. I'm an on air voice talent for SpazzRadio.com I'm hosting a new show which I just started and will continue to be hosting from here on in known as the "Early A.M. Wake Up Call" The show is heard Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, & Friday mornings 4am to 8am. Now the reason I'm posting this is because I'm looking for a couple co hosts to be on air with me and host the show. Basically besides playing music the show will also be about doing weather updates, talking about crazy news stories, doing little segments of This day in Music history and and Talking about what's new in the music world and different random stuff. Pretty Much just trying to make the show fun. If anyone is interested let me know and hit me up on Skype. My addy on Skype is Countrymusicman1. Thank you for your time!!


SpazzRadio DJ/Broadcaster,

James McCoy

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Hello James,


To Me a co-host sounds as a second host of the radioset who has at least the same level of knowledge and qualities as "the" host

I do prefere the expression "a side-kick" ...

it can be seen as co-host, but he/she has the qualities to interrupt when its "needed" ... ex: while telling a joke or to give you backup if needed (during reads about events etc)


Hope this was usefull

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I worked with several co-hosts over 24 years. Only in one occasion did we 'click'. It just worked a treat. But that was very much the exception. Comic timing is not something that can be learned. It is either there or it isn't. Co hosting it much of the same elk and it either works or it doesn't.


There are many stations in the Uk who now have the 'Sam and Amy' type team at breakfast. This came about because of the original spin off by Chris Tarrant in the 80's when he used to bounce off Kara Noble -not literally I hope, although knowing Mr Tarrants recent revelations, you never know.


As a team they were the king & queen of radio. The team broke up eventually and Ms Noble went on to work elsewhere, causing an absolute stink when she decided to sell a photograph of Chris Tarrant and a topless Sophie Rees Jones (Prince Edwards fiance), taken on a holiday and which was supposed to be kept between friends. Chris Tarrant blew his top very publically and Ms Noble hasn't been on air since!


Bottom line is it is something that works from day one or doesn't. Tune in to most UK CHR stations at 8am to hear it NOT working. One upmanship springs to mind.

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I agree with JM 100 percent on this. Here one day, gone the next. If you find someone locally, your a lot better off.


My best recommendation? Go to a local coffee shop. Find THOSE 2. THOSE 2 are the couple/friends that hang out, and have NOTHING going on on their off time but to shoot the bull. THOSE 2. The 2 people that sit around ordering cup after cup of coffee, act like they are engaging in their beverage, when all they want to do is over-aggressively engage everyone enjoying their beverage in Hyper over-active conversation. They THRIVE for attention.


THOSE 2 will jump at the very instance of talk about a live talk show. They will try to ridiculously negotiate the terms, and their benifits, even though in the back of thier mind, the were sold at the thought of media attention.


OOOOOHH THOSE 2. How I hate thee, you coffee brake disrupting world critics. Get a full time job, move out of your parents houses/200 square foot studio, and get away from your coffee place hierarchy.


But yeah, THOSE 2 will be perfect for this.

KNSJ.org / 89.1 FM San Diego
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