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New BW Member Here...

I origionally posted a reply to another thread by mistake so I deleted it and reposted. As I said...I'm new.


I own and operate a Country Music Channel on TheHits.us. TheHits was started by two friends of mine and we have 3 channels. 80-90s, Country and Top40. We're always looking to add nore quality channels.


I've owned several internet radio stations but this one is my most successful venture. I've learned alot in the last yer about internet radio. I didn't know this forum existed ir I would have learned more.


I look forward to helping others and participating in this forum. I'm glad I found it!

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Hey Richard. Welcome again! I hope you will feel at home here. There is a veritable bunch of boys and girls here with experience from zero to hero. I am sure you will fit in really well. Feel free to browse around and NEVER be worried about asking. There is no such thing a silly question.


Mine's a large cold beer, thanks.:thumbup:

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Glad to see another contributing member join BW!

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