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Delay compensation?

Unkle B

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Considering there is usually a delay between the time the Sam broadcasts a sound and the time it takes to travel to the server and then again to the listeners. Does anybody compensate for it? If so how do you do that? Just wondering because of time announcements and such.

I'm just finally getting my station going and learning about PAL scripts. I found GK's post about Sam and PALs and been going over it today. Thanks for those GK!

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Hi Unkle,

Thanks to mention my name (Y)

As I quoted earlier in posts during the past year, a delay depends on the place and your connection point to the www (distance between your home and the center of the internet provider)

It can be a world of difference if you are at a distance of 500m from the internet provider or several miles ...

My own experiences learn Me that an average of 16sec untill 30sec is normal (if you are living in an average city)

for that reason I start the PAL for the TOTH always at (xx;59;35)

In general the 6 beeps arrive "on" the top of the hour


But as always, also software and scripts aren't always 100% perfect

In general my settings give very good results (I'm still knock on wood to achieve this :) )

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