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Request for Voices


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Hi Everyone


I am compiling a non stop RnB Dance CD and looking for some intros and liners with FX, wet or Dry voices. I am looking for female and male voices.


"You are listening to DJ Jiffry"


"This is D D D DJ Jiffry, mixing the hottest new singles"


" Playing the music you dream of by DJ Jiffry"



very similar ones just like the ones you hear on radio stations...

Hope some of you guys or girls can help me out here...

Would add the voices names (website if available ) on CD once complied.


Hope u can help me out here


Thank you

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Guest Baabaa Productions

Hi I have just had time to produce 3 of Juds Vo's for you. Hope you like them. It was great to work with Juds voice.




SouthOMike_Dry.zipDJJiffry-BW-JudNiven baabaa.mp3[/attachment:luy92xei]

DJJiffry-BW-JudNiven baabaa 2.mp3[/attachment:luy92xei]

DJJiffry-BW-JudNiven baabaa 3.mp3[/attachment:luy92xei]

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