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My name is John Irwin and I have been a DJ since 1990 but became self employed in 1997 running Excelsior Entertainments.




I took part and completed a Radio Broadcast Skills and Presenting course in 1997 and went on to do x13 RSL's at 2 different community radio stations where I presented various shows.


A favourite TV show of mine that is coming to an end shortly is THE ROYAL and I interviewed one of the cast members called Michelle Hardwick aka Lizzie Hopkirk back in 2005, when it was announced that the show was being ended I attempted to save it from the axe.




During this time my skills as a producer was noticed and since then I have been producing audio in one form or the other for various people.


Rather than posting another demo here is one of some of the work that I have done, I submitted to another thread earlier.




I am currently involved in producing games for this firm




and Mark who is the inventor of the game was on Ken Bruce's Popmaster Quiz on BBC Radio 2 on Wednesday the 28th July 2010




Whilst I am still a Nooblet to BW I do already recognise a few names on here, I am also a member of Radio Daddy.

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