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Rebroadcast live radio show pal script

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if the show is streaming live, all you need to do is load the URL of the stream into your deck. If you need a PAL to do this (for scheduling etc) it would look something like this ....





The remote show stream can be the direct shoutcast ip:port


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Hi SMRadio

Your solution can be found into my "sticky PAL section"

check this link http://forums.broadcastingworld.net/showthread.php?t=7200


Both scripts gonna add automatic the http link into the ipTop at a specific hour

Both scripts gonna make a fade out at the end of the sheduled time

I guess the second PAL gonna give the best results in what you are looking for

Good luck !

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I am not sure what you mean by broadcast format, it is just a radio stream.


I have successfully gotten the stream to broadcast using this script


{ about:

This script will play a remote show inside SAM

The show starts at a specified time, and then ends at

another specified time.


a) Compile configuration below and start PAL script.

b) If this show is only in certain days you will need to modify the script to

only queue the show up during these days.

See the DayOfWeek function.



{================================================= =}

const ShowURL = 'http://somewhere.com:8000/';

const StartTime = '23:00:00';

var EndTime : String = T['02:00:00']+1;



var T : Integer;

PAL.Loop := True;

{Wait for the show to start}


{Add show to queue}



{Fade to show}


{Wait for show to end}


{Fade to normal programming}




Everything worked fine until the end. Before I explain what I am trying to make it do, my setup requires a bit of explanation.


I am running Sam4 as a broadcaster, Direttore as an automation software and skype. My windows machine and all software are set to stereo so that anything that plays on the computer is broadcasted out by Sam (done by leaving the mic locked on sam). I have my talk hosts call in to skype where it automatically picks up after a few rings and broadcasts out through sam. I have one host that has his own stream and I want to have sam pick that stream up and drop it at the end automatically. So far I have successfully gotten sam to rebroadcast the show at the appropriate time using the quoted script but when it comes to the end, it needs to go back to playing nothing leaving the mic on and encoders running so that the automation software can return to the rotation. Currently it tries to go to the next track but there is no other track so it keeps playing the stream. I need it to just clear the Que and the decks/players and play nothing at all so direttore can continue the automation.


any alteration to the script that could do this?

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Hello SMRadio,

In fact you are asking something to your SAM4 who isn't the task of SAM

Afterall SAM is both an automation and broadcast software


So far I understand your problem


but have you ever used the setting "Manual DJ" ?

With that setting "you" decide when what has to be played etc etc


So if your set is a live set, I guess you can "stop" the incoming stream manual and after that is done it looks logical to Me that your Direttore gonna be able to being broadcasted by your SAM


So far I don't see any other valuable solution

Hope this helps ...

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I broadcast (relay) at least 8 live concert performances weekly. I have found that using the pal scripts is not feasible. Even when you get them running all tikkity-boo, you cannot be certain the shows will come off without a hitch. The artists after all, are interested in their performance, and not so concerned (nor savvy) with the radio workings. If you are not at the console, and a script starts up, but the artist is not ready, has changed streams, is on a stream that is flagged private(cannot relay) or a host of other issues that may occur, your production falls apart. Now, I was in your shoes months back, tried many different things...I want to produce quality radio, where it all came together for me, is when i realized the best way was to tend the concert simulcasts was via the radio console, and deal with every performer individually. While pal scripts may be just wondetrful for some tasks, covering a live event automatically, in my opinion, is not one of them.

Peace be with

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I hear what you are saying and I am sure I will probably have problems here and there, however I can't tend to the station regularly and would like it to sort of run itself. I don't expect it to be full pro quality, but so far I have been able to do some pretty impressive stuff with the direttore software, skype and Sam together. If I could just get the script to clear the que and tracks, I will be perfect. Is there no code that can do this?
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Anybody got one to eject the decks?



My best guess, if you are still having problems with the relay, and I would have to assume you are, as my replies are just repetitions of what has already been said in this thread, is that the radio stream you are trying to relay (is that legal) is not set public (shoutcast server setting), hence SAM will not (as far as i know Can Not) pick it up.


That having been said, note too that I am a noobe and my advice or instruction may not be the best. Research research research

Peace be with

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  • 2 months later...
I have tryed both scripts and the sceond one keeps loading the show into the cue "a few songs then the URL" and keeps doing it


When i run the scrips it autmatacly adds them to the cue..


What am I missing??

That is what the script is designed to do, in case the stream drops it will paly a track or two then reconnect to the relay stream. Once the the broadcast end time is reached it will clear those entries that it did not use and proceed with your normal clockwheel selections.


What is the issue you are having?


Rob Oyler

5280 Jazz

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