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Greetings from the land of the Big Five!!!


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Hi all,

I'm Muhinza, radio producer extraordinaire (everybody seems to think so but I disagree:D). Anyways, I come from the land of the Big Five ( 100 bucks via paypal if you know where I am) and I'm currently employed by an urban station targeting young adults. Started off in the industry a fews years back and have come to love it like my own child.


Hope to make crucial networking here.....



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Hello Muhinza and Welcome to BW ...

I hope you gonna love the sights and sounds as you can do at home :)


In general "The Big Five" are 5 animals who are very hard to get caught by hunters ... They are : the Lion, the African elephant, cape buffalo, black rhinoceros and the leopard


Problem is that more than one African country claims that "The Big Five" can be seen and hunted at their country.

The country who is best known for it is South Africa, followed by Kenya and Tanzania

So ... my conclusion is ... that you are from South Africa :D


ps : don't ask Me to know in what city you are living ... lol :detective:


Enjoy BW !

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