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Sports Intro VoiceOver


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Hello I am new to this site but look forward to coming here everyday and learning and hopefully helping people with any info I can. I help run a local sports website here in Texas and do play by play for a local high school so im trying to get ready for football season and make an intro for my broadcast. I would like a male voice saying this.


"Vidor (Vi-der) Pirate Athletics is on the Air!! Your listening to 2010 Vidor Pirate Football on the S-E-T-X-Sports Network. Now here's Corey Berg and The Voice of the Vidor Pirates Joey Vincent!" Your help would be greatly appreciated and I look forward to being on this website everyday now since I have found it! Thank you very much and have a great day!

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Hi PiratesVoice,


Firstly, welcome to Broadcasting world.


You'll get a much better response if you introduce yourself, and post around in the other topics on this forum.


Please have a read of the rules if you haven't already.


This lets the BW community know that your not just going to be a person who asks for a voice over and then leaves (like a lot do).


Also, the voice over you requested it quite long and the chances of it being done for free are slim. I suggest that you post around in the forum first and shorten the length of your voice over - you'll get a much better response.




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