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Hello, I've been broadcasting for about a year and a half now, but I am new to the BW forums. I usually hang out in the Spacial audio forums. I am finding this site is teaching me a lot for just being on here this past week. Anyways a little about my station. Website is http://www.rapidturtleradio.com We play a mix of rock and hip/hop. Even though these genres are completely different, i've found to have a lot of success with it. I like both so there has to be more people out there that like both. That was the thought, and it seems to be true. I created this station in Feb 2009. It is a fun hobby. I am currently going to University of South Florida for Mass Communications. I'm hoping to one day do this for a living. That would be FANTASTIC!!


Well anyway, check out my station and tell me what you think. Can't wait to talk to guys here on the forum. :thumbup:

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