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SHOUTcast Interface DNAS 2.0


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(Unofficial) SHOUTcast Interface DNAS 2.0 [beta]


A Multi platform desktop application for control of the Nullsoft/SHOUTcast® Dnas server version 2.0.






This application is designed to give easy access to the new SHOUTcast 2.0 DNAS/server for those running desktop computers. The beta versions of the new DNAS lack a user interface, so for those who are not so confident using console based applications it can be a struggle to enjoy all the great new features introduced with this update to the SHOUTcast platform.Features such as single port/multi stream capability and improved metadata handling support have been a long time coming, so its import during this beta phase that everyone gets a chance to try them out and hopefully broadcast some great music, but most importantly get the best out of their SHOUTcast experience.




* Runs on multiple platforms windows/linux giving better access than before

* A smoother, easy to use user interface compared to the old SHOUTcast versions.

* Multiple stream control and stream information gathering.

* Dnas configuration editing.

* Realtime content/information.

* Ability to restart the dnas server quickly and easily.

* Basic Listener stats for multiple streams

* Dnas Log parsing (a cleaner approach).

More will follow over time.






SHOUTcast Interface DNAS 2.0

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