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Sam Broadcaster & Second life Help please


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Ok...I'm more nervous talking on hear than the mic :/


Anyways, I have SAM Broadcaster and got a stream yesterday. I set it up from instruction from various sites for using the stream. Yes I also put the encoder correctly, when I press start, it says encoding and streaming.


I play second life and my friends let me use the club to set up the stream. I put the stream address in the media like it says and at first it started fine.


My friends said they could barely hear me so I rose the volumes up on everything, including my PC. I was getting frustrated because they said they still couldn't hear me well but I ended up saying "F**k" loud enough they laughed lol.


Well so I tried putting the music and they said they couldn't hear any music at all only me talking faintly. So I tried adjusting setting in the SAM Broadcaster and now they can't hear me at all, so I put everything back to the default settings and tried again and nothing.


Had a chick test it on itunes and she said she heard me fine for a moment. The server and tests came as they are online so I am unsure what exactly is wrong. Maybe I touched a setting and it went wacky.


Can someone help me with this? any information would be appreciated. Maybe a default configuration layout also, so I can start back from original settings, I'm sure I touched something. Women.. XD




Aly :retard: :kiss:

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Why don't you just contact Spacial Audio for free support.


Might be your sound card or audio settings.


They have free phone support for registered copies.

SCS - Dedicated Bandwidth Servers

Shoutcast / Icecast / Windows Media

Transcoding - Auto DJ - Mobile Radio - FLASH Players - Auto DJ

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First of all I'm not familiar with Second Life ...


but ...

Could it be that Second Life only supports aka allow streams with a "low" bitrate - lets say 32kbps or even lower ?

Maybe you are streaming with a too high bitrate to their servers and the content is being random blocked by their systems ...


Other than these reasons I can't think about any other issue with SAM, knowing that you are using the correct settings.


As test you can adjust your output to "silent"

see config > audio mixer pipeline > air out > set to "silent output" & no device needed ... apply and click ok

If this don't work properly, check what is needed to enter Second Life in a normal way


Hope this was usefull ...

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